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Fun Things to Do in Orlando Florida

Mar 14

Orlando Florida is a city that has a wealth of attractions to offer its visitors. With theme parks like Walt Disney World and Sea World, the city is a popular destination for family vacations. In addition to these attractions, Orlando Florida is also home to a number of cultural sites and renowned nightlife and bars. The city is a great place to visit for both families and single travelers, with an endless amount of experiences to take in! Learn more about Gracie Barra North Orlando

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Shopping in Orlando, FL

With an abundance of luxury shopping malls and picturesque neighborhood markets spread throughout the area, it’s easy to find a place to shop that fits your style. Whether you’re in the market for a new outfit or are just looking for something unique to bring back as a souvenir, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Church Street, Downtown, Orlando, FL

This street in Orlando is a popular place for locals and tourists to shop. It’s filled with local boutiques and unique stores offering handmade goods, jewelry, and other gifts. There are also plenty of places to grab a bite and relax after a long day of shopping.

SeaWorld, Orlando, FL

As the name suggests, SeaWorld Orlando is a marine park that specializes in marine life. The park has a huge array of exhibits that give guests the chance to see dolphins and other marine creatures. The park is also home to a few thrilling rides, including the Mako roller coaster.

Lee & Rick’s, Old Florida, Orlando, FL

A staple in Orlando since 1950, Lee & Rick’s is a classic nautical-themed restaurant that serves peel-and-eat shrimp, raw oysters, and gator bites. It’s a fantastic way to experience authentic Florida cuisine in a setting that feels like you’re stepping back in time!

Citrus, Oranges and More

One of the most famous foods in Florida is citrus, and there’s a good reason for that. The state is known for its production of oranges and lemons, which are commonly used in a variety of dishes.

In addition to using citrus as a garnish, the juice can be used in various recipes for an added boost of flavor. In particular, citrus is used in a number of seafood dishes, as well as in drinks like cocktails.

The best place to enjoy citrus is in the form of a fresh juice, but it can also be found in a variety of food items such as sorbets and salad dressings. In fact, many restaurants will have a selection of citrus-based desserts and snacks on their menus.

Another great option for citrus in Orlando is in the form of wine. It’s not uncommon for Florida vineyards to make a variety of wines, some of which are made with pressed fruit, like lime juice.

The best place to taste all of these fruits is at the Farmer’s Market, which happens each Saturday from April through October and features vendors selling local produce. It’s a fun and free way to explore Orlando’s local food scene.