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A Fun Day In Ontario CA

Dec 29

Ontario, California is a city that has a population of over 165,000 residents. It is one of the best live entertainment cities in California. The climate in Ontario has always attracted people to move to the area. This includes the Hispanic community, as well as Asian and African American populations. Have a fun time and learn more about Amicus Legal Group

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This city also have fun outdoor activities, there are two lakes in the Cucamonga-Guasti Regional Park. The park also has a swim complex and picnic areas. Another great place to visit is the Ontario Museum of History and Art. This museum offers free admission and shows visitors the history of the area. A variety of special exhibits are held throughout the year. Guests can learn about the city's early history, the history of Route 66, and the Inland Empire.

Euclid Avenue in downtown Ontario, California, is a historic neighborhood with mixed architectural styles. It is considered to be the oldest street in the area. Many of the buildings are reminiscent of Route 66, which runs from Chicago to Los Angeles.

Ontario is home to a number of parks. Two of the largest are the Cucamonga-Guasti Park and the Cucamonga-Guasti-Burke Park. These parks feature lakes, swimming pools, and a swim complex. They also offer fishing opportunities.

Ontario is located in San Bernardino County and is 35 miles east of Los Angeles. It is also home to LA/Ontario International Airport. An estimated 170,373 people live in the city. Amongst its population, the majority are Hispanic. According to the 2000 census, the median household income was $14,244. Almost three-quarters of the population were born outside of the United States.

Ontario is known for its live entertainment, with a major emphasis on comedy. One of the most popular places for comedy is the Ontario Improv. Guests must be 21 years old to enter. Known for its comedic performances, the Improv has helped Ontario earn its reputation as one of the best live entertainment cities in the country.

The Chaffey Community Museum of Art is another local institution. It features nationally recognized artists, new artists, and supports the local art scene. Notable exhibits include an industrial art exhibit of Millard Sheets, and a clown and circus exhibit. Visitors can also see an exhibit of the Pomona Valley's female artists.

Although Ontario's economy has been sluggish over the past few years, the city is still growing. Statistics show that the population is expected to rise by 0.75% to 1% each year.

Other things to do in Ontario with kids include visiting the Planes of Fame Air Museum. There are more than 150 aircraft on display. You can also go to the Citizens Business Bank Arena to see a game. Kids can also attend the LOL Kids Club, which offers a wide range of fun activities, such as sports, arts and crafts, and holiday-themed events.

If you are looking for a quiet respite from the bustle of the city, then consider the Cucamonga-Guasti-Burke Regional Park. This park is located in Ontario City, and it features several lakes and a swimming complex. Outdoor activities are available as well, including hiking, biking, and fishing.